Curve Balls and the meaning of life?

Wow…I can’t believe I have kept you all waiting so long in between posts, I guess life can throw you a curve ball every once in a while…well, here is my swing to hit life out of the ball park 🙂

I am currently 39k feet above the earth, flying to Phoenix for my 1st Residency and with my “newer” topic in order, my 10 Strategic Point Paper submitted and about 40 different research articles saved, I believe I am ready.  Bring it on.

My new topic doesn’t “stray” much from the original topic, but I am focusing more now on the Student Veteran and how campuses across the country are putting programs into place to make the transition from military life to civilian/student life more seamless.  What I am going to be researching, however, is the phenomenon of if these campuses are actually putting in place a program that benefits the veteran, or are they failing because of all the “issues” we veterans bring to the campus.  I makes sense when I talk about it in person, because you can then see the passion, the arm and hand gestures that poignantly point out the highs and lows of this topic.  Now…if I can just put that passion into this program…That will be my Home Run 🙂

I have made professional connections with quite a few Ph.D.s who have already done their research on this topic, or very similar and by using the gaps that they have found for future research, I have begun to formulate my research and how I am going to better serve our Veteran population that is utilizing their Post-9/11 GI Bill and bettering themselves for their lives after the military.

“Combat Veterans on College Campuses – Educating our Heroes with healthcare issues.” is my topic, and I will not “dive” into the Psychological aspect of this, but more on the Programs themselves and how Student Veterans are perceiving the effectiveness of these programs.  Also, I will be researching the programs from the Administrator/Directors perspective as well, eventually seeing if the Student Veterans perceptions and the Administrators/Directors vision actually match, giving the Student Veterans a program that will essentially serve as a “buffer” between their experiences and the classroom/campus life.

So, I am sorry for the short post, but I believe that after this residency gets over (on friday), I will have more to blog about and a clearer “direction” to go down…

As for the curve ball?  Just a bit outside…no swing on this one, but I at least got to see what is in store….

Keep swinging for the fences and sooner or later, that home run will happen, and when it does….well, celebrate in your own way, but make sure to celebrate because you have earned it.

Until then,


Anxiety….A motivator, or a Depressor

As my residency looms (only 4 weeks from today), my anxiety levels rise with each passing day.  Can I use this anxiety as a motivator or will it keep me depressed.  I hope the motivation will show its awesome head, because right about now, I definitely need it.

Changing from a DBA to the Ed.D. program is a tad bit scary because I, in a sense, will have to start over.  They way I see it though is that I can take these 3 past Business Courses and put the knowledge in my “tool box” and be able to use that when the time comes.  Yes, it puts me back about 6 months, but from what I have seen, heard and experienced so far, Doctorates are measured not in months, but in years.  It is not easy…REWARDING, but definitely not easy.

I am still bouncing around my topic to see how I can spin it towards the Healthcare forum, but I think that because I am doing an Educational Doctorate Degree, my wife came up with an amazing idea:  “Military Veterans and Service Dogs in the Classroom…” I am still playing around with the title, but I think that it is a great idea.  

Veterans want to use their education benefits, whether it be their Post 9/11 GI Bill (Yellow Ribbon Program), or their Tuition Assistance (Active Duty), or even pay for it themselves, they want to learn.  I got my Undergrad and my MBA paid for by utilizing the Tuition Assistance and the Post 9/11 GI Bill and it was so worth it.  But what about the Veterans that are suffering from PTS and TBIs, or have an Amputation(s) or are confined to a wheel-chair and need the assistance of a Service Dog.  It is bad enough that they have to “fight through” PTS(D) symptoms and episodes, have to fight the Bull Shit Stigma of PTSD that the media has portrayed negatively and now companies are reluctant to hire Veterans.  So now they have to fight through the bureaucratic RED TAPE with Service Dogs in the Classroom?  I think that our Veterans deserve better, yes?  That is why I am so committed to doing this topic, however I have to spin it.  

I just have to find the research and figure out how to tie it all together…that, my friends, my amazing followers, who are giving me the motivation, is the Million Dollar Question.

Thank you again for following me and I will keep you updated on the trek to Phoenix and my Residency…

Semper Fi and Semper Gumby.